Everyone can say they a different or better than the rest but at Peak we prove it. We are the only supplement store where every employee must accomplish the following before becoming a full Peak Team Member

  1. NASM Certified Personal Trainer (what any trainer uses from LA Fitness to LifeTime)
  2. NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (this ensures when we make you a diet along with your supplements its based in science and RESULTS!!!)
  3. PEAK Supplement Engineering Test (How supplements are made and what each one does)
  4. Three books on how to deliver perfect customer service catering to YOUR goals
  5. Quarterly a new book and tests are done to ensure up to date knowledge about our field.

But this is just where we start. These are the things a Peak employee must accomplish just to get the job. What we do behind the scenes and with every single customer is what really matters. We engineer you a custom workout program and diet with any purchase. Already have one? we update and make changes. Why do we do this? Because fitness is fluid, you may get sick of certain foods, particular workouts may get tiresome or painful after time. The body adapts and we are here to over come those obstacles with you. Don’t believe us? Stop in and just have a chat. Our passion isn’t fitness. It’s your fitness that drives us.