Three Ways to Kiss Body Fat Goodbye!

If losing fat were easy, they’d call it ………. well, we’re not sure what they’d call it because it’s not easy! People misconstrue weight loss and fat loss, which is why losing fat has been a tricky feat for many. If you are losing weight, you are losing pounds. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. What people don’t realize is that the content of these pounds matters… a lot! If you are shedding pounds of fat and gaining pounds of muscle, your scale weight might stay the same. Even though you are much healthier on the inside, you might be discouraged since the number on the scale isn’t budging. The scale is always a good indication of what is going on in your body, but it is NOT the big picture. To lose fat, you have to target it, specifically. Once you lose it, you’ll experience  more muscle, more energy and more confidence! Here are THREE ways to lose that fat…FOR GOOD!

Made in the Kitchen, Shown in the Gym

It all starts with the food. And it’s all about intention. Step one is to devise an extremely detailed food plan. High protein count (think 15+ grams a meal), low sugar (10 grams or less a meal) all with a calorie limit that is best for your age, height, weight, etc. (Talk to you doctor to see what your limit per meal should be) This might seem impossible to some of you, and it might seem easy to others. It all depends on what your current ‘normal’ is. Wherever you are, start looking at those nutrition labels, and if your grocery store staplesdo not make the cut of your new found meal requirements, then Hooray! That means it’s time to change up your normal and say hello to transformation. Take some time and research healthy meal options to rotate through every day, and commit to sticking to those meals! If your family is going out to dinner, bring a prepared meal from home (if possible) or look up the menu prior to, to find the best option. Be intentional! Be specific!

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Be realistic! We all eat every day – multiple times a day, so why not consume the good stuff. Eating healthy is realistic, it just requires discipline. Where you HAVE to be realistic is in your goals. Realize that the ‘lose twenty pounds in twenty days’ method DOES NOT EXIST! Realize that no matter how many ab exercises you do, you’ll never be swimsuit ready if you eat carbs all night long. There’s no magic pill. No secret workout. It’s everything you’ve already heard –  healthy eating and daily exercise. Now, you just have to do it. Your daily exercise does not have to be a two hour long/Full-body/CrossFit/ninja/Barre/Zumba/fusion explosion of endorphins. Be realistic! Walk the dog for thirty minutes. Do some laps in the pool. As long as you get your heart rate pumping for more than thirty minutes, you’re burning fat. So, be patient with yourself. Set a workout regimen, organize your meals for the week, and stick to it!

Measure Twice, Cut Once

All of your progress needs to be recorded and measured. To log your meals and exercise, it is best to utilize technology to count your steps, calories, workouts, heart rate, etc. Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple watches are among the crowd favorites. Whatever you need to do to log your progress, do it! If you absolutely must have a scale in your life, find a scale that shows your body fat percentage, water percentage, and muscle percentage. Focus on that body fat percentage, as long as that number is going down, you’re losing tangible pounds of FAT! Lastly, find an accountability buddy. That should be someone that you can be vulnerable with, someone that will tell you what you need to hear, and someone that you trust. Share your food logs, workout calendars, and percentages with them every three weeks as a check-in. Tweak your plan if need be.


Losing fat is not easy, but it is 100000% possible! Find a realistic health plan that works for YOU and stick to it. Your body is stronger than your mind knows,  the moment you want to quit is the moment where you grow. Good luck transforming!