Thoracic Extension 101

Thoracic extension. Ever heard of it? Do you know what it does? Or do you even know where the thoracic spine is?

Here’s a topic that not many professional instagrammers like to talk about. This area in the upper middle back holds a lot of things together. More than you could imagine. That space on your back where your rib cage connects to the spine is one of the most overlooked areas.

Many people with lower back issues, and shoulder issues could alleviate these problems by strengthening and lengthening this muscle chain.

When this group of muscles doesn’t support your squat or deadlift correctly we over compensate with lower back and shoulders.

Although this is a hard group of muscle to contract, I suggest starting with a simple movement. Hang from a pull up bar and contract your scapula Basically like doing a pull up but with your arms locked.