Test Cycle Elite

The Vikings take on test cycle elite (clinical name rad-140)

Every once and awhile a product comes along into the supplement/nutrition industry that actually wows me. Usually that product is new stimulate (I’m a very big fan of beta 2 antagonists) or some new kind of protein that the flavor is just out of this world. Besides those two usually it’s incremental increases. Small attributes about a particular product that make it slightly better than the rest. But this product, test cycle elite, falls in the blow your mind category.

Let’s start with what it is. Test cycle elite is a SARM. SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulator…. That probably didn’t help much. So let’s dig deeper.

So what’s an androgen? An androgen is a hormone, specifically a sex hormone. This can be testosterone, estrogen, or a plethora of others.

Now what’s a receptor modulator? So all androgens have to bind to specific receptors in your body to function. Just having more testosterone won’t do much for you. It has to bind to a receptor which then does the job the androgen tells it to do (take note here these are all very simplified terms to explain a very complicated biological process). These jobs can be, synthesize more protein, create more red blood cells, increase/decrease water retention and so on. So what this term receptor modulator means is, change how frequently and efficiently your receptors bind to androgens.

Ok now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about Test cycle elite. This product was created by doctors and scientist from numerous labs and companies to do one thing. Replace using synthetic testosterone for medical patients follow testosterone replacement therapy aka TRT.

TRT is a very normal procedure were a man, or woman has low natural levels of testosterone and a medical professional prescribes a certain dosage a synthetic or “fake” testosterone do give the patient a healthy dose of this hormone.

Some problems with TRT are estrogen conversion, balding, acne, bad reactions to specific types of the testosterone, and most blatantly it must be taking intramuscularly (has to be injected with a needle)

So doctors and scientists have been trying to come up with a substitute for years. Well finally it’s here. Rad-140, the clinical name of test cycle elite is the perfect product. It allows your body to use its own natural testosterone without any of the negative side effects.

Of course then how do we use this is sports and weight lifting? The exact same way! Taking 20-30 mgs per day for an average sized male, is comparable to running 500-600 mgs of testosterone a week.

What does this do for you and I? More LEAN muscle, no water retention or increase in bloat. A decrease body fat. Increase in strength and endurance. A higher metabolism. And an overall more masculine defined look.

All this WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS!!! No gyno, balding, soreness from injections, this is the ultimate testosterone replacement product. Not just my self but the scientific community has already completely put their weight behind this compound. And if you’re looking for serious Gains in the gym, it should be a part of your routine today.