Sleep is so important. Whenever someone comes to me looking for some sort of physical transformation I always hit them with the same 3 questions.

  1. What does your diet look like?
  2. What does your workout routine look like?
  3. How much sleep did you get?

Notice how none of those questions were about supplementation ( supplements just fill in the gaps). Of those three I always get a funny look when I ask about their sleeping habits. Most people do not realize just how important a propers night rest truly is! This is the time where your body can shut down other functions and literally perform a healing process on itself. Most people get anywhere from 5-7 hours of sleep a night. This not only keeps you from truly healing, it is actually harmful on the body. (There is a reason being tired feels awful).

You should shoot for 8-10 hours of sleep a night. This will allow your body to naturally reduce its overall cortisol (stress) levels, and increase its natural testosterone production. This does a couple of different things for you. First, by reducing cortisol levels, it will also lower your estrogen levels, making it easier to get rid of excess body fat. You will wake up feeling refreshed, and not bloated. This also will help feel a natural energy, and not be reliant on stem-heavy, sugary energy drinks. Your metabolism will also over time speed back up, and allow you to properly store and digest food! While you cortisol levels are decreasing, your natural test levels are rising. This allows you to be able to perform better in the gym, and be able to build a lean muscular physique easier! For males, this will also lead to an increase in libido and performance.

With those two things both working hard through out your body, you will also have the benefit of getting into a proper REM cycle. These are the stages of sleep, and the deeper in your cycle you can get the better. Once in the deep stage, your body will then be able to repair torn muscle fibers, and build them back stronger and bigger then before. Your body will also improve it own cognitive function. This will lower your risk for cognitive diseases like alzhiemers and other memory lose problems down the road.

The body truly is a magnificent creation. It is crazy how some simple tweaks to a persons diet, workouts, and sleep can lead to a whole lifestyle change, and in some instances it can be life saving. I highly recommend everyone strive for better sleep. The best ways to get the most out of your sleep is to put your phone away once you enter your bedroom. A lot of times we spend hours in our bed on our phones, and this has such a negative affect on our bodies REM cycles. Another helpful tip is to do some sort of stretching 15 minutes before bed. This will improve circulation throughout the body, and allow your body to more easily repair itself. You will also wake up with a more natural energy. Finally, avoid any heavy eating directly before bed. We want our body focused on repairing itself during sleep, not digestion a 10 .oz Sirloin Steak.

Try these tips tonight, and I promise you will notice the benefits!


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