Having Sex and Fitness Gains!?!?

Let’s talk about doing the dirty and building muscle, do they actually effect one another and is it something we should take into consideration?

There are three areas to discuss here. First androgenic hormones and their relation to fitness and sex. Secondly, sex timing and strength. Lastly cognitive function and it’s role in fitness.

In this article I’m going to discuss the hormonal conversation. And then over the next two weeks dive into the latter.

To get started there are a million articles about sexual intercourse and it’s role on estrogen and testosterone. There is a lot to read into here but let’s distill it into the most basic assumptions.

If you have sex frequently, the assumption is you have a healthier, consistent, free testosterone level for men and woman. Yes woman have testosterone and slight increase can have very pleasant benefits.

This hormonal uptick in turn, will help increase muscle and decrease body fat. This is caused by the natural anabolic effects associated with increased testosterone.

Well what does the research say? The answer is not much. Although numerous medical studies show sexual intercourse more than 3 times a week is very helpful in the production of testosterone. As well as other studies consistently confirm higher testosterone does improve overall body composition. I could not find any satisfactory articles or studies that run these two in parallel.

I would want to see something about a group of athletes that have sex and those that abstain and then see if there is some statistical difference between the two. I couldn’t find anything like that. And that kind of makes sense. This is a touchy subject to deal with and it would have to be a longer study. Acute muscle gains are not what we are looking for. We would want to see something over a year. Comparing those that regularly engage in the dirty vs those that don’t.

But what can we take from the data we do have? As I stated the data shows a clear indication that those that get frisky more often show patterns of more free testosterone. Which is what we want. Short term or punctuated increases in test doesn’t mean much you can get that from eating. But things like regular sleep and working out give us those sustainable higher levels. Which I mentioned do help increase body composition.

So for the first article I’d say that’s a win. Hormone regulation and sex is a pretty serious advantage. So get freaky and do it often.