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Pre-workout Confusion

  • There are so many options out there. Super blast this, extreme explode that, but what does it all mean and why am I taking these things? So first lets break Pre Workouts into two categories, stimulant pre-workouts and non-stimulant pre-workouts. Now a lot of the ingredients in these two are going to be the same but this separation is important. The stimulants in a pre-workout are usually what people “feel”. There are an infinite number of stimulants and I will make another blog about this whole mess of info but lets concentrate on what they do. Stimulants give us that kick in the ass, awake, alert feeling but that’s not it. Stimulants inhibit pain receptors, which can be great for doing more reps or grueling weight. A lot of the feeling a pre-workout gives you is also highly psychological. Being in a positive, upbeat mood can create a better workout simply by motivation. I feel good so I’ll do good! Now for the non-stimulant section. This is categorized by a plethora of different muscle building, vasodilating, and recovering based ingredients. Once again I will be making another blog about these ingredients but lets talk about what this ingredients do as a whole. First we want them to increase blood flow to our muscles. This allows more nutrients to be delivered. These nutrients let you workout for longer, be stronger and most importantly aid in recovery. Everything that repairs tissue is delivered through your circulatory system, so the more blood we get there, the more gains we get. Almost all stimulant based pre-workouts also have these non-stimulant ingredients but at differing amounts. The last piece to this equation is what’s best for you! So come into Peak and as we cover your schedule, your diet, your workout and goals, our nutritionist will be able to figure what is the best option for you.