You have no idea why you need to go full range of motion, learn here…

You have heard full range of motion is best but lets not be idiots and actually understand why.


First in the journal of strength and conditioning research, possibly the best medical journal on fitness. It was proven that over a 12 week period, patricipants that did the same workouts with less weight and full range of motion grew more muscle and burned more fat! Never thought fat loss would be attributed to that would you?


Secondly, and this is really important so put your damn phone down and read, your individual muscle fibers are either 100% on or 100% off. There is no such thing as that fiber going at 50%. How your body works is in “cascades”. Parts of the muscle start firing at different ranges. So when you are doing half reps only that small segment of the muscle is firing at 100% not the whole thing.


Lastly I want to ad doing partial reps can help!!! But only as a finisher, to burn out the muscle, at the end of a workout. Even that needs to be done carefully to make sure you’re not going to put yourself in a risky position.


Alright educated readers, get out there, stretch through the full range and put some damn weight on!


  • the Viking