What makes something a superfood?

What the hell is a superfood? What makes it better than other food? Well today I’m going to cut through a little bullshit and give you what I think is a superfood, or at least one of them.


To Classify as a superfood, it needs to be a the top of this list in terms of micronutrients and have a great macro profile. But most importantly have a low total calorie content for the amount of micro nutrients it contains. There are a lot of top contenders but the one I am going to highlight today, Kiwi.


Kiwi contains for potassium per calorie than bananas. It has more vitamin c than an orange. They contain more dietary fiber than any other “sweet fruit” out there. With its small size, great taste, abundance of micronutrients, this little guy is at the top of my list.


Now there are a lot more superfoods out there but one thing to consider is cost. Kiwi is comparatively cheap. So I recommend one for breakfast or lunch every day. With its high fiber it will fill you up and give you lasting energy. This has been shown to be one of the greatest attributes a food can have to attribute to weight loss.


  • The Viking