Why some idiots don’t like bench and protein


People do this very strange thing, where they pick what is the most effective and efficient way to do something and start hating it to be different or “more knowledgeable”.

Let me give two examples. Bench press and isolate whey protein.

First bench press, this is one of the three powerlifting moves. There’s isn’t a better way to grow bigger and stronger with you upper body pushing movements. It’s about as simple and effective as it comes. But to sound like a “pro” that knows more than the general public some will bash the movement and talk about how all others are better. This makes them sound like they have the “inside scoop” that you don’t have.

Whey isolate protein, this isn’t a better supplement. It is the one thing everyone, yes I mean everyone that can add it to their diet, should. It is highly biologically available, that’s fancy talk for your body utilizes all the nutrients incredibly well. It’s as lean as a protein can get, it tastes amazing, and will help you lean out while increasing muscle. But once again everyone has their own shit to sell so they say “look at me and this new ButtGrower9000!!!” But tried and true works. Whey isolate has the lactose taken out, so you’re not allergic and it’s cheap!!! Compare it to other meat source or vegan sources.

With both of these they are staples in the fitness world. The strongest athletes in the world don’t bench because it’s cute. It build that area best. Whey isolate needs to be on your grocery list every month. It works. Empirically.

Don’t get fancy. Stay classic.

– the Viking