Why does HIIT cardio work so well?

Why does HIIT cardio work so well? Is it magical? Thats it, it has to have magical properties…

Oh wait it probably just follows the fundamental principles of thermodynamics. Yeah.

It’s humorous to me that people can easily understand that High Intensity cardio is the best way to burn fat. But when it comes to lifting weights they think taking a rest. playing on a instagram and taking 4 minutes rests between sets is gonna build muscle. As to “prepare” for the next set.

If you want to build muscle, there is one way to do it. Intensely, you delicate little flower!

Every set you do has to be on the track of bigger, better, longer, harder, faster, than what you did the week before. Going in a “at least getting it in” is like having sex to just get it over with. Why bother?

Go big or go home. I mean it. If you aren’t feeling it you might be tired or run down. Take a little recharge and come back in at 100%

5 ok workouts does not add up to 1 balls to the wall workout.

Now for all of this I am not talking about newbies. This is for seasoned veterans. For beginners and weightlifting refer to my weightlifting 101 post from a month ago!