Can I do cardio and build muscle?

Building muscle and doing cardio? Is it possible? Does it inhibit muscle growth? I like to keep these posts short and sweet. So although there is a lot of information and a lot of nuance here. I’m going to give a straight forward answer that applies to 95% of people. No it’s not going to inhibit your muscle growth. So then why do people say that? While it is true that cardio can inhibit the gains, we are really talking about the far extremes here. Yes a bodybuilder putting ever ounce of umph into every workout, if he switches to doing more cardio his body will reflect that. And become leaner and possibly loose muscle. But lets be real, you aint a bodybuilder. You work at desk and lift at 5 pm. Which is great! But your not at your bodys limit. Imagine this, you only have 100 units of “Umph” to give every week. Based on time, stress load, recovery and nutrition. Well the bodybuilder, every week he uses up 98 or 99 umphs. There aint shit left. So if he adds cardio it has to come from somewhere. His strength during his lifts will have to suffer. Because he’s only got 100 he cant add more. He is essentially maxed out. This would be the same for a Iron Man marathon runner. They cant add a lot of weight lifting, they are maxed out at their sport. Now back to you, sorry to say but you are at most at 60 umphs a week maybe 70 if you the elite top 5 fittest people at your gym. So adding a little cardio every week, is probably just good for you. Might even help your endurance and allow you to workout longer and harder. Just remember if your at 60 umphs you can’t add another 60 for cardio, at most maybe 20. So then you would be at a total output of 80. Now you need to just make sure your nutrition and rest match this increase.