5 Tips to Step Up Your Meal Prep Game


We know that supplements alone aren’t enough to give you the transformation you crave (that’s why they’re calledsupplements, duh!). So let’s talk about ways to take your same bland meal prep to the next level, where you actually WANT to eat it everyday!

  1. Keep the Macros Consistent

You don’t have to eat the same thing over and over again just because you prep it beforehand. BUT, there is one thing that should stay consistent… your macronutrients. We recommend each meal contain 30-35 g of protein, 20-25 g of carbs, and 8-12 g of fat. Not sure what that looks like? One of our trained nutritionists can help you with the specifics!

  1. Make Sure Your Meal is Colorful

How do you make sure a meal outshines the rest? The brighter, the better. Make sure you’re using colorful options, like different colors of bell peppers, greens, and other colorful veggies!

  1. Invest in Your Tupperware

This may sound like a silly point, but it’s the truth. Investing in your tupperware can make you excited for part of the meal prep process. Find a style that works for you, including the ability to reheat and eat. Look for tupperware that has separators if you’re the type that likes to make sure foods don’t touch.

  1. Mix in Some Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein-packed meal replacement shakes can help you mix up your prep throughout the week, so you’re not eating the same chicken and broccoli you prepped on Sunday night. We’re WAY past the days of meal replacement shakes that only come in vanilla and chocolate. Did you know there are crazy fun flavors? 1st Phorm’s Level 1 is our favorite meal replacement shake, and it comes in flavors like cinnamon cookie batter or caramel latte.

  1. Find the Shortcuts

They DO exist, people! Maybe it means you buy pre-cut veggies. Remember, meal prepping is hard enough, so allow yourself to take some shortcuts. Or, when you DO have extra time, slice up some ingredients and freeze them for when you won’t have as much time.