4 Best Fruits for Fat Loss!!!

4 Best Fruits for Fat Loss


First things first, we recommend watching how much and what kind of fruit you are eating. A lot of people substitute fruit too much. Their thought process is, “oh its just a banana, its good for me.” And although it is good for you, in combination with oatmeal or even other fruit, you can simply end up eating way too many carbs. Fruit is a double edge sword, they are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants  but also contain quite a few higher glycemic carbohydrates. So here’s a list of fruit to eat and help reduce body fat!


Ruby Red Grapefruit is, well, the shit. They are loaded with a little thing called phytochemicals, great for your general health and well being. Grapefruit are low glycemic, meaning they won’t spike your insulin. Lastly these suckers have been used in numerous studies to actually help the body metabolize fat.


Blackberries and all their tart deliciousness have even more phytochemicals and antioxidants!! A good rule of thumb, the darker the fruit the more antioxidants it has, think dark red wine analogy.


Tart Cherries are amazing for heart health, loaded with vitamin C and are incredibly fibrous. Make sure you go for the dark cherries as these will be low glycemic and packed with more micronutrients.


Blueberries, by far the sweetest on the list, have polyphenols which are a relatively new type of compound. These are similar to other known antioxidants but seem to work decreasing the onset of cancer over time.