3 serious reasons why you can’t eat much protein on keto.

3 serious reasons why you can’t eat much protein on keto.

Ketosis dieting is all the rage these days. For me specifically it has its ups and downs but that doesn’t deter millions from giving it a shot. One little thing about it most people don’t realize… it’s actually not a high protein diet. It’s a high fat diet. So here’s three reasons why that’s so.

First protein when taken in high amounts, converts directly to glucose. That’s sugar basically. So if you eat a bunch of protein, your body loves carbs so much, it will convert that chicken, to chickpeas.

Next, the reason the diet works is due to your body’s adaptation to using fat as it’s primary energy source. Why are carbs usually the primary source? Because we eat the most of it. So our body likes to run on it, it’s an efficiency game.

Lastly, since you are all but completely cutting out one of the three macro nutrient sources. You need fat to hit your caloric needs! 1/3 of your food choices have been cut out. You will need some high octane fuel. Fat being more than twice as energy dense as protein and carbs (9 calories per gram vs 4 for the later) it is necessary to make sure you’re not in caloric deficit every day.

“It’s best to know, not to bro”

– The Viking