2 reasons why post menopausal woman should be lifting weights!!!

Have you mom, aunt, grandma read this! Forward it to them or tag them in it. It can be life changing!


2 major reasons why post menopausal woman NEED to be lifting weights more than any other activity!!! 


First one major concern for post menopausal is bone density. Osteoporosis is a serious condition that effects millions and disproportionally woman in their 40s and on.


One of the best ways to keep bones strong and healthy? Barbell weight lifting. Yes that’s right. Squat, deadlift and bench for grandma. The difference is doing it light and correctly.


Small bicep curls and leg extensions are not going to help woman medically. But we can use the barbell as the most effective medicine! A simple 3 day a week program of these strength moves can prevent bone loss and keep those hips healthy into the 80’s!


Next muscle density is something every woman knows about. The dreaded “flabby arm” syndrome!!! But it’s more than just soft triceps that we care about. Losing muscle can put the woman in our life into serious injury! With a decrease in the large muscle areas, specifically legs, core and back. This is what will lead to serious lower back pain and inability to move!


But once again we can remedy this with just a barbell and correct movement patterns. If you want more detailed information about the deadlift bench or squat those videos will be coming soon to the Peak Blog!


I know for the men out there this sounds unimportant but for the woman in your life, it could save theirs.


– the Viking