Miami Vice Smoothie


Modern Warrior Isolate

The Modern Warrior Isolate Protein is the start of a new breed of isolates. A special cocktail designed with warriors in mind, this shake contains over 23g of isolate protein. Not only does it contain enough protein to fuel the warrior’s advanced physique, its flavor is the stuff of legends. The powder mixes perfectly when shaken in a warrior’s goblet (shaker bottle), leaving no nasty clumps, just nothing but pure gains. A protein that is as sophisticated as a sports coat over a white tee, and as anabolic as a Bren Ten should be in every warrior’s holster. Are you Battle Ready?



Miami Vice Smoothie

Are you tired of choking down overpriced “health drinks”? Want something as smooth as a Ferrari Daytona Spider, or refreshing as a cool summer breeze coming over the Atlantic Ocean? Well then look no further, the Miami Vice Smoothie is all that and more! Jam-packed with natural electrolytes from orange juice, as well as the tropical coconut milk, this smoothie will not only fill your macronutrients, but boost your micronutrients as well. A gluten free, perfectly blended, protein rich shake, that is made to be taken in the morning, so you can feel the gains coming on in the air at night.


1 cup strawberries, frozen
1.5 Scoops of MW Berry Blend Isolate
1 cup Oikos Triple Zero greek yogurt, plain
1 cup coconut milk from carton (not canned)
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp. stevia


Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.


Calories: 162
Fat: 2.7g
Cholesterol: 0
Sodium: 50mg
Potassium: 580mg
Carbs: 24g
Fiber: 3.1g
Protein: 40g