Motivation: The Key to Success in the Gym

It’s 4 A.M. and my son has decided to keep me awake. My mind is racing with ideas. Instead of lying here unproductive or turning on the TV, I decided to get started on this blog. That is basically the meaning of motivation. Motivation is the single most important factor in fitness and success in general. If I could sum it up any better I’d say this. It is believing in yourself, outweighing bad outcomes with good outcomes, and choosing the most rewarding options.


The quickest path away from motivation is excuse. We all have them, but remember that no matter how legitimate it is, it’s still an excuse. I’ve seen people with far more legitimate excuses than most succeed in far greater things than the average person. An excuse is just a point of view. When you look at it from the other side you’ll see that it was just an obstacle that could be moved. So before you shut down your motivation and skip the gym today, really examine your options.


Children and time are two of the most common impedances on motivation to get into the gym. The one thing that should be our ultimate motivation becomes our ultimate excuse. You don’t want to give up time with your kids. What about the time added to your lifespan from a healthier, fit lifestyle? They benefit from that too. The better health that you gain, the more active you can be with your kids. They’ll also learn from you. Whether or not it’s learning to give up and make an excuse or never give up is in your hands. Now look at time wasted in less productive areas like television. You may be present, but your kids still lose that time with you. Every choice comes with positive and negative effects. Look for the ones with the greater positives that make a better future and help you meet your goals and get those gains!


Once you set your motivation into motion there is reward. The discipline you get in the gym carries over into everything else in life. That’s right, you will become better at everything just because you kept yourself motivated to be a weight slagin’ fool! Even the motivation will carry over. You will begin to realize your potential and strive for more inside the gym and outside of it. My motivation has been the key to happiness. I’d expect the same for everyone.


The best way to stay motivated to hit the weights is to never stop chasing your dreams. We all have dreams of being healthier, being in shape, or looking bigger or better. Start setting goals so that you have something attainable to reach. I was 150lbs at 23 years old the first time I walked into a gym. I set my first goal at 160lbs and when I hit it, my life changed. I aimed for another ten pounds every time after and now here I am over 200lbs. As Arnold said, there will be naysayers. Ignore the naysayers. They don’t know what you’re capable of. The next thing I can say is make choices that lead to goals. Stop keeping up with the Kardashians and start keeping up with your 5-day split. Any form of entertainment that takes away from productivity is just a tool to make you a sheep instead of a wolf. Finally, stay positive. Motivation is fueled by positivity and so are your gains!


Stop making excuses. Start being positive and get motivated. Think about what you want and just take it. Stay motivated, stay happy, get the hell up and hit the weights right now!