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Hey everybody! I’m Christopher Dolan. I’ve lived out in Arizona for 3 years now and have been a customer of peak nutrition for that time as well. Fitness has been one of the biggest parts of my life especially since moving out here. I always grew up a small, scrawny kid getting bullied and made fun of on a daily basis. So I finally decided that since I wasn’t able to change other people, I had to make changes in myself. So I hit the gym harder than I ever have. Within that time I decided my career path, I decided to compete, and finally loved the person I was looking at in the mirror. Peak nutrition has been there every step of the way, through my failures in the gym and my accomplishments. Someone once asked me “what gets me out of bed everyday to do this” I said the drive to want more for myself and for other people. To some people the gym is just a place to look good, for people like me it’s a place to become a better person. A place to help others the way I was helped. So excited for my next phase in life, and I’m excited to have all you guys along my journey!

I train at EOS, PT Global certified, and I train for men’s physique competition

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