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Originally from Chicago, Brittany Kohnke is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, USA Powerlifting Certified Coach, and National Level 63kg Powerlifter residing in North Phoenix. As a former collegiate softball player, Brittany found physique competitions as a way to “fill the void” once her playing days were over. Little did she know years of disordered eating and body dysmorphia would plague her after her stage debut. Fad diets, “toning” workouts, and other gimmicks never gave Brittany what she truly wanted which was to look and be strong, yet feminine. It wasn’t until she found strength training, specifically powerlifting that her entire outlook on herself and overall health would change. Now, she’s on a mission to spare others from years of headache, by educating and empowering those through strength. From the average gym-goer to the former athlete, Brittany has worked with a variety of clients and ensures to tailor to each person’s needs. No cookie cutter workouts, no meal plans, just individualized support to help others achieve THEIR goals. Brittany trains out of SNJ Fitness in North Scottsdale and Fitness 1 on 35th Ave 6 days a week and is available for individual, group, online/remote, and powerlifting meet prep services.

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Brittany Kohnke