Why Choose Peak

Why Choose Peak Nutrition?

Peak is the only supplement company that requires every employee to become a NASM certified personal trainer, a NASM certified sports nutrition specialist, pass an advanced supplement certification program.

Every team member must also continue their education by completed a lengthy list of books covering a variety of topics as kinesiology, programming, nutrient timing, women’s health issues, hormonal imbalances, just to name a few.

Our employees do it make extra money by selling the new hot products or cheap supplements that make more money. They make more money by helping you, the customer.

Why are we different? Because peak is not here to sell supplements. We are here to get you results and that happens to be the area we specialize in.

Peak carries the largest selection of supplements in the Phoenix market. We have more exclusive lines than anyone else. Why would vendors just to only sell through us? Because they know we are going to treat the customer right. We only sell the supplements you need. Not what some big company thinks you need.

Every Peak employee has this mantra memorized:

i am authentic
i become better everyday
i help others become better everyday
i put in 100% effort 100% of the time
I take responsibility when these aren’t met
finally i fix it

This may not seem to directly relate to supplements, but Peak delivers only the very best service and the greatest products. This philosophy is not only evident in our mantra, it is also reflected in our team as individuals.

Peak Nutrition t-shirts over the years


March 2012 – Started selling supplements out of a car.

January 2017 – Future stores in the Phoenix market.

Peak Timeline

March 2012
Started Selling supplements out of a car.
July 2012
Florissant Peak Nutrition store opened.
September 2012
Arnold Peak Nutrition store opened.
January 2013
Ellisville Peak Nutrition store opened
April 2013
O’Fallon Peak Nutrition store opened.
January 2014
St. Peters Peak Nutrition store opened.
December 2014
James Stratman takes over as sole owner.
January 2015
Florissant location relocated to a high-traffic retail center
September 2015
St. Peters location relocated to a high-traffic retail center.
April 2016
Wentzville Peak Nutrition store opened.